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At The Connection Exchange we believe in building personal relationships that make a difference, developing creative and memorable core messages and supporting our clients and community to not just stand out from the crowd to grow their business, but build their own unique and impactful brand in a BIG way.  It’s all about Playing Big & Branding Bold.
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  • Creating the right strategy for your business will give you the focus and direction you need to keep on track, be productive, effective and build a business that delivers.
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Managing Your Confidence During the Journey from Development to Mastery

  By Laurenne Di Salvo Do you ever struggle with confidence when you’re learning something new or you’re in a new situation? Many of my clients are quite hard on themselves when they feel they don’t know something, or they don’t know it as well as they would like to. To be honest, I’ve had to work on my own ‘self-talk’ in this space at times. Many people also suffer from...

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Without A Social Media Strategy, Your Business Is Lost Without A Map.

By Kate Ware Do you ever feel overwhelmed by managing your own social media? Are you banging away on Facebook in search of elusive organic reach? Instagramming like a warrior and not yet reaping the rewards? Retweeting and liking and subscribing and following and screenshotting and allllll the things…? Do you know why you are doing it? It’s not that I think your business shouldn’t be on...

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​Why Are Women Scared Of Leadership Roles?

  By Veena Gandhi Global statistics reveal that there’s a gap in regards to women in leadership roles. According to UN Women reports 25 women CEO’s lead Fortune 500 companies globally today, which translates to merely 5% of all CEO’s on the list. And globally, women earn 24% less than men. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2015, men continue to hold the majority of...

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